Over the years occasionally there have been patterns that have had a mistake or somehow not made it into the magazine. So here we have a listing of corrections to help you get on and finish your projects! If you need any more help or can’t find what you’re looking for, leave a comment and we’ll try and help you out.


Handmade Vol 35 No 4

White Christmas Ornaments V2.0

Angel Template

Handmade Vol 35 No 3

HST Christmas Rag Quilt 

Handmade Vol 32 No 10

Geoffrey Giraffe Missing Stitch Pattern

Handmade Vol 32 No 7

African Dance gusset template

Mug Duo templates

Handmade Vol 32 No 6

Knitted Owl

Knitted Owl beak template

Handmade Vol 32 No 2

Hexagon sewing set bag

Hexagon Sewing Set pincushion

Handmade Vol 31 No 6

Sweet hearts PATTERN

Handmade Vol 30 No 1

Blue Jacobean

Handmade Vol 29 No 9

Lovebirds PATTERN

Handmade Vol 29 No 3

Gingerbread thread chart

Handmade Vol 29 No 2

Mornin’ Baby PATTERN

Bloomer Instructions

Handmade Vol 28 No 3

Flower baby bib PATTERN

Handmade Vol 27 No 9

Peek a boo Tins PATTERN

Handmade Vol 27 No 8

Little Party

Rose Petal Cupcakes PATTERN

Handmade Vol 27 No 1

Sweet Lil Teapot

Handmade Vol 26 No 1

Hooray its Xmas PS